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Tip #334- Where Have I Seen This Before?

Late this week the White House announced administrative action on a couple of fronts. Our clients and friends are asking what it all means. In 30 seconds?
  1. If association health plans will lower my premiums, when can I sign up? Some of you have been Tips readers for a long time; check out Tip # 15. Or click here to read an article from July of 2011. (You might recognize the author.)
  2. Short term health plans with limited benefits aren’t new. They can be great for people without pre-existing conditions who don’t expect to get sick. But then, if you know you’re not going to get sick, why buy anything at all?
  3. Reprising regs that permit the use of HRA dollars to buy individual plans; you mean the ones that have 50% premium increases for 1/1/2018? Such a deal.
Our friends in Washington are simply rehashing old insurance “reform” without tackling the real issue. The high cost of health care.
I just want to scream “STOP IT!”
Every time I see The Donald, Rand, Bernie, Nancy, Chuck or Paul on the news I think of this classic video.
That’ll be five bucks, please.
The Medicare Open Enrollment Period starts today and runs through December 7th. Need help? We won’t even charge $5.