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Tip #338- Pay As You Go Or Pre-Pay?

We’re in the middle of the Annual Election Period – October 15th through December 7th – when Medicare eligible individuals can buy or make changes to their Part C Advantage or Part D Prescription Drug Plans.
What are those? Click here for a review of Medicare basics. (Oh my; 300 Tips ago!)
Advantage Plans usually include Part D coverage and have low (or no) monthly premiums. But they also have an array of co-pays that are paid whenever you incur care; i.e., “pay as you go.”
Medicare Supplement Plans typically have monthly premiums based on age, ranging from  (approx.) $180 to $300/month. But then, there are few “gaps” in coverage; i.e., “pre-paying” for care.
Catchy titles and generalities don’t do justice to a complicated topic.
Our best Tip would be to find more than 30 Seconds to visit with one of our professionals before December 7th.