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Tip #341- Do I Have A Crystal Ball?

Under ACA “transitional relief” rules, over 60% of small groups have year-end renewal dates. And, ending Thursday (12/7), the Medicare Annual Election Period (AEP) results in millions of plan changes for 1/1. There’s more; individuals under age 65 are also changing plans during the ACA Open Enrollment Period (OEP), which ends a week from Friday (12/15).
A few predictions:
  • Individuals and groups switching health plans for January 1 will be anxious that their group numbers and ID cards haven’t been issued by Christmas. When some are still in limbo after the New Year, “anxious” won’t exactly be the right word anymore!
  • This year-end logjam is a huge disservice to consumers. Simple fixes – for example, tying Open Enrollment to birth dates, instead of the calendar year – will continue to be ignored by policymakers.
  • Agents and brokers like Chris McArdle, Dana Kiblawi and Bill Gorman won’t get credit for their year-end efforts, which are nothing short of heroic! (Prove me wrong on this one, please.)
One more (note; I stage my Sunday Tips on Saturday morning):
  • The Badgers will beat Ohio State 27-21.