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Tip #343- Is Open Enrollment Season Over?

The Medicare Annual Election Period ended December 7th.
Individuals under age 65 who do not get health coverage through an employer saw their ‘Obamacare’ Open Enrollment Period end Friday.
So, are open enrollments done until next year?
If you were covered by an insurer exiting the market 12/31 (e.g., Molina or Anthem), you actually have until the end of the month to get new coverage with a January 1 effective date. In some cases, you may even have until February 3rd to change plans. A certain knowledgeable agent – quoted in this article – explains it well.
How about the “open enrollment period” for small groups?
Did you know that businesses with fewer than 50 employees can buy or change group plans on the first of any month? And, a “group” can be as few as one employee as long as there is at least one other full time employee who waives coverage?
This just means if you felt rushed to make yearend health plan decisions, you have time to reconsider. As an individual, that time is very limited.
As a small business, you can call us any day of the year!
P.S. Our Sunday Tips will be held to Tuesdays for the next two weeks. Have a Merry Christmas and a safe start to the New Year!