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Tip #345- What Do You Like Best About Your Job?

I’m in a roundtable with a few good friends who are also business owners.
Friday we spent an inordinate amount of time discussing ways to be more productive. (Irony defined!)
Mike owns a multi-location independent physical therapy practice. I asked him “when at work are you happiest?” A gifted expert in complex craniofacial pain (CFP), he answered “treating patients.” (Here’s your free plug, buddy!)
Then we talked about how Medicare and health insurers dictate how much time he can spend with each patient and what he gets paid. That’s a subject that deserves way more than 30 Seconds.
Just recently I was invited by a client to come to their informal Holiday luncheon, not to party but to meet one on one with any employee wanting to discuss in private health insurance issues. There was an ‘appointment list’ and when I finished with one employee the next person’s name was called over the PA system. More and more people signed up. Some came back twice, proof that “Joe Lunch Bucket” is thirsty for ways to be a better consumer of health care.
Hands down, the most satisfying part of my job is doing those meetings.