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Tip #349- What Kind Of Game Are They Playing?

Ed has a “qualified” high deductible health insurance plan; i.e., with specific design features that meet IRS’ guidelines for establishing a Health Savings Account. One such guideline is that ALL charges must first apply to an individual deductible of at least $1,350, but not higher than $6,550. (Check out IRS Publication 969 for details.)

The ID Card Ed carries in his wallet does not reference any co-pays because there are none. But when Ed checked in for a doctor’s appointment the other day, they asked for a $60 co-pay. (Why not $40 or $80 – how’d they come up with that number!?) When Ed balked, they called “accounting” and pressed again for the money. When Ed asked them to call his insurer, they let him “Pass Go” without paying.

Knowing how his health plan works gave Ed the advantage in this case. Had he paid the co-pay, would it have shown up as a credit on his EOB or the doctor’s bill?

What do you think?

This just in: Monday IRS reduced the maximum family HSA contribution from $6,900 to $6,850.

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