30 Second Insurance Tips©

Tip 39- “It Didn’t Cost Me Anything

“Alex” called me today to complain about yet another premium increase, from $396 to $471 per month.

I asked if he had used his insurance at all recently.

“Nothing major,” he told me. “Just a little outpatient procedure to zap some kidney stones.” I looked it up – the insurer paid over $17,000 after discounts.

“Oh, and I had a little lesion on my chest that had to be removed,” he added. Another $2,500 for about 25 minutes work.

A few days later, when the stitches had to be removed, it probably took longer to unbutton his shirt than it did for the doctor to remove them. Another $495.

“Can you believe that? I could have gone to the walk‐in clinic and had it done for twenty bucks,” he said. “But heck, my deductible was satisfied, so I guess it didn’t cost me anything.”