30 Second Insurance Tips©

Tip 42- How To Read Your EOB

“My What?” An EOB is your insurer’s Explanation of Benefits.
Each time you receive medical care, your provider submits your bill to your health insurer. (They may send it to you too. If so, ignore it.)
But when your EOB arrives, read it carefully.

  • Make sure your treatment is actually what happened. Errors occur.
  • Check the dates of service. Are these the dates you were treated?
  • Note the discounts. Doctor bills are reduced 28% on average; in‐ and out‐patient
    services over 40%.
  • Review the portion of charges applied to your deductible or coinsurance.
  • Lastly, check the amount your insurer paid, and the amount you owe (if any).

Then, when your bill does arrive, be sure those numbers match. And don’t ignore it any more. This one you have to pay.