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Tip 50- New Year’s Resolutions

# 1 Start the year with a visit to your doctor and dentist for preventive care. Thanks to Obamacare, this will cost you nothing.
# 2 Make sure to eat a balanced diet and reduce the size of your servings. Drink four glasses of water every day.

# 3 Exercise. Even just a little will do nicely.

Need extra motivation? If you stick to resolutions 1 through 3, there is a very good chance you
won’t need to use your health insurance this year.
So here’s your ‘payback’ Resolution.

# 4 Buy less coverage. Say, for example, you have a $1,000 Deductible Co‐Pay Plan. Switch to a
$2,500 HSA and reduce your premiums by 20%!

Happy New Year.