30 Second Insurance Tips©

Tip 91- No Limits. Unless There Are LImits.

In general, health insurers can no longer set lifetime limits on coverage. That is a great relief to
those with chronic and/or expensive health conditions.

With most policies however, there are still limits for certain treatments, such as:

  • Physical, occupational and speech therapy capped at 20 visits (each) per year
  • Cardiac rehabilitation capped at 36 visits per year
  • Accidental dental coverage up to $3,000
  • Skilled nursing care capped at 30 days per admission.

By contrast, under state and federal parity laws, the old policy limits for mental health and
substance abuse have been eliminated. This comes to mind in anticipation of nine more days of
non‐stop political ads!

Note. These are just examples. Read your Summary of Benefits and Coverage for details. When
in doubt, have your treatment plan pre‐certified.